2016 Dates

2016 DATES:
Thursday, Jan 7 2016, support meeting, 20h-22h (after school holidays)

Thursday, Feb 4, 2016 support meeting, 20h-22h

Tuesday, March 8, SPAN informational meeting, location TBC
Presenting Ruta Gouriou and Sandra Ndong-Nzue
19-20h mingle, 20-21h presentation
Ruta Gouriou
Learning Specialist and Developmental Practitioner, who specializes in Auditory Integration Programs (sound therapies):  The Listening Program and Johansen IAS, as well as Reflex Inhibition Programs: Exercise and Sound Education (EASIE) and Rhythmic Movement Training (RMT)
Sandra Ndong-Nzue 
psychomotricienne certified in Padovan and Rhythmic Movement Training (RMT)

Thursday, April 7, support meeting, 20h-22h
Thursday, May 12, support meeting, 20h-22h (after school/ascension holidays)
Thursday, June 2, support meeting, 20h-22h


Support meetings will mostly take place the first Thursday of the month, and psychologist, Marieke de Bree will lead the group, encouraging parents to take care of themselves as much as they take care of the kids.
20h-20h30 mingle
20h30 – 22h, official meeting time with Marieke de Bree
All support meetings take place at 133 avenue Emile Zola, 75015.
Cost for support group participation per family: 30€ total, l’annee scolaire 2015-2016

Mark these dates down and join us if and when you can.  

Just be sure to RSVP: info@kidjam.fr

SPAN is made possible by Association S.P.R.I.N.T. France (Sharing Professional Resources, Ideas and New Techniques) and Association KidJam.

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